Project Roadmaps

Do you have an idea for a project and are looking to come up with a plan for bringing it to life? A project roadmap is for you.


Do you have a more complex project and would like longer term technical expertise? A consulting engagement is what you’re looking for.

Custom Solutions

Would you like something completely your own, tailored to your needs? A discussion about custom solutions is the way to go.

About Blue Pine Ventures

Blue Pine Ventures was started in 2011 by Benjamin D. West. He got his start in software development in 1997. After spending fourteen years working for large organizations in environment manangement, QA, software development, and architecture, he made the move to one of the leading consulting companies in Minneapolis. This change provided the opportunity be a part of decisions made at the start of a project, and a wider variety of projects large and small. In 2015 an exciting project came up that allowed Ben to consulting independently full time. Since then he’s been a part of projects at billion dollar companies and start up companies, growing his experiences in applications large and small.